About Us

It’s not often you find a mother and her grown son as like-minded as Sue Hands and her son, Ned. Not only do their family ties remain as strong as ever, but they are also business partners who work together on a daily basis. But to no one’s surprise, they are a big success thanks to the unique attributes they each bring to their partnership as well as the “hands-on” approach that bonds their shared business philosophy.

The Voice of Experience

Perhaps not surprisingly, family is the most important aspect in both Ned & Sue’s lives.

Perhaps not surprisingly, family is the most important aspect in both Ned & Sue’s lives.

Sue’s connections in the local real estate community stretch back more than 30 years. A longtime St. Petersburg resident, Sue has proudly served the needs of fellow St. Pete residents since 1981. As a result, she is able to draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise to guide her clients’ transactions to a successful conclusion.

Grew Up in the Business

With his mother being a premier real estate professional since the time he was a young boy, Ned practically grew up in the business. From the age of 10, his father began teaching him the importance of a strong work ethic and learning the value of a dollar. When Ned eventually joined Sue in the family business, she also made him earn his stripes and stand on his own two feet before they formed their partnership. Today, that partnership can be the key to your success.

Not Just in Name

Anyone who has worked with Ned & Sue will tell you their “Hands” surname is fitting. You see, they both pride themselves on their hands-on approach to helping people achieve their real estate goals. To both Ned & Sue, being “hands on” means always being proactive, providing great advice to their clients, and continually making their clients’ best interests their first priority. It’s an approach that has proven successful and developed a dedicated following of loyal customers.

Even after being in the business so many years, Ned & Sue are still motivated by one, unifying goal – that smile on their clients’ faces when they’ve helped achieve their goals.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing we’ve make a positive difference in the lives of our clients,” Ned says. “We understand the importance of ‘home’ on many levels, personally, financially, emotionally, and we are motivated to help our clients make the most of every opportunity.”

Family Values


Together, Ned & Sue provide their valued clients with a superior level of service every step of the way.

Outside of their professional personas, Ned is a dedicated husband and proud father of two. To him, there’s nothing more important than family, whether it’s volunteering at his daughters’ school or taking advantage of the great outdoors with his wife and kids. Both Ned and Sue possess a true passion for the St. Pete area. Sue has been active in the Junior League as well as played an instrumental volunteer role at the children’s hospital and museum of fine arts.

A Hands-On Approach

If you’re considering a move within the St. Petersburg area, don’t settle for any ordinary real estate agent. Instead, turn to a team of dedicated professionals who will bring A Hands-On Approach to accomplishing your goals. Call Ned & Sue Hands today to schedule a private consultation.